Businessman Frank Magliato Has Been Making the Best Deals For Decades

January 16, 2019
One great example of Frank Magliato’s investment and business prowess comes when you examine his time as president for Saddle River Associates & Company, an elite global equity firm, where he specialized in corporate transactions. While there, Frank managed more than one-half billion dollars in projects, including the huge sale of Natural Balance Pet Foods to Del Monte and a game-changing Panama real estate deal worth over $150 million.

In addition to his education at the school of hard knocks (you know, experience), Frank Magliato also has plenty of formal education in his background, including an engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a business degree from New York University. He did that because he wanted to offer his clients the best of everything. That said, it is his practical experience that represents his most valuable asset. Now that his prolific business career is well into its fourth decade, Frank Magliato has done so much so far, he has developed an exceptional reputation with clients. He has always used everything he has ever learned to sharpen his business skills in a great many diverse business areas.

Frank Magliato Always Leads Clients to the Best Investments

July 15, 2018
During a career covering more than three decades, Frank Magliato has been working to improve his skills as an investment professional by mining his remarkable business career. At one point, Frank Magliato founded and served as President of Digitec2000, Inc., a telecom company that provided prepaid long distance calling, and repeated that success just a few years later, when he had the same success in the same position with Telecorp Inc., another long distance resale company.

Frank Magliato

He has continued to get better and better by honing his skills in many ways. For example, for a time, Frank Magliato served as President of Saddle River Associates & Company, a private equity company that completed projects worth well over $500 million. Among the most impressive projects included a huge $150 million real estate development project in Panama, but also his leadership on the sale of Natural Balance Pet Foods to one of the largest food producers in the world, Del Monte. Overall, Frank has loads of experience in public and private equity transactions in virtually every business sector, including real estate development, retail , telecommunications, and many others.